A ChatBot can not create something on it’s own, it needs human input.

Art credit – Micha Archer

“Please write a poem about love in the style of Charles Bukowski.”


Delivered by ChatGPT in 2 seconds.


In the dim-lit taverns of the city’s decay,

Where the smoke dances with despair,

I met a love, raw and gritty,

In the alleys where shadows declare.


She wore a dress of cigarettes,

Her laughter echoed like broken glass,

A twisted dance of fleeting moments,

In a world that couldn’t seem to last.


Her eyes, the color of bourbon,

Hiding tales of a thousand scars,

Yet, in the chaos of the neon glow,

I found solace in her smoky bars.


Love, a beast with jagged edges,

Biting hard, leaving wounds unseen,

Yet, we embraced the madness willingly,

In the alleys where our secrets convene.


She spoke in the language of the lost,

A symphony of broken dreams,

In the echoes of forgotten promises,

We found a refuge in silent screams.


The night was our canvas,

Painted with the hues of regret,

Yet, in the tangled mess of our desires,

We discovered a love hard to forget.


Through the whiskey-soaked confessions,

And the poetry of our tangled limbs,

We navigated the wreckage of passion,

In a world where love and chaos swim.


So here’s to the misfits and the broken,

To the lovers who dare to bleed,

In the shadowy corners of Bukowski’s world,

Where love is a flame that never recedes.


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